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Here at In The Light Ministries, God is changing lives – and it is because of His presence and His grace that we can say this is so.


Since the inception of In The Light Ministries, we have purposed to seek God’s will and give right of way to all that He desires to do. As a result, God is continually and miraculously touching lives, healing bodies and souls, and delivering people from the power of sin and the works of the devil.


Phil Hernandez

Fellowship Overseer

Ray & Becky Harrison

Lead Pastors

In 1987 Pastor Ray was radically saved on the campus of Eastern Arizona College and initiated a revival that lasted two years. While on the Arizona Apache Reservation miracles manifested and another revival erupted.

In 1990, he married Becky Gauna. That year they joined Pastor Phil and Yvonne Hernandez, pastors and founders of In The Light Ministries (ITLM). After his ordination in 1994, they relocated to Tucson, Arizona to pioneer a church. There, they initiated several ministries. One of the works on Yaqui Reservation still exists.

Year 2007 was pivotal for the Harrisons as they returned to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to partner with ITLM’s pastoral team. Since then, they have given oversight to numerous ministries, developed curriculums, reignited the Men’s Ministry at ITLM and are advocates of the “Life Groups” concept. In 2016 he started “Impact Your Today” emphasizing “We impact your today so you can impact someone’s tomorrow.”

In 2017, he and his wife were handed the baton and transitioned to Lead Pastors of ITLM.  Pastor Ray has a heart for the lost and for God’s people to mature in Christ Jesus. He is exploring today's issues using Social Media to reach and minister to the masses, dealing with hot topics that the Christian world is failing to acknowledge "the elephants in the room such as race, sex and religion."



After an encounter with God in 1983, Pastor Phil received from the Lord a divine mandate: Move to Lancaster, work with teenagers and preach my Gospel around the world.  Phil and Yvonne responded and moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania from New York City.

They subsequently joined a Praise Chapel in Lancaster County.  Concluding a season of preparation, Pastor Phil and Yvonne in 1991, were sent to Pioneer a work in Lancaster City.  In The Light Ministries was birthed in their living room and has grown to 23 churches nationally and internationally.

Currently, Pastor Phil and Yvonne have entered into an apostolic function as they lead In The Light Ministries Fellowship International (ITLMFI) into its greater purpose of church multiplication and capacity building.  Reach, Teach, Release and Partner are our drivers.


Join your heart and hands with us from the neighborhood to the nations.


In The Light Ministries is a place where God is changing lives and it is a place where He can change your life too.




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